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Athletic Program

We here at SMMS believe in a holistic approach that prepares students for spiritual growth, social responsibility, and academic success. PE class provides a great opportunity for physical activity twice a week, but every child should stay as active as possible. The World Health Organization says “Children and youth aged 5-17 should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity daily”.  We work diligently to teach things like the Physical Education Standards, Health and Nutrition Standards, and introduction to various sports and activities.  However, we also focus on things that are much more important such as acceptance, teamwork, respect for self and others, leadership, participation and effort.

Physical Education is important in building a successful all-around student, and there are some basic expectations that need to be met:

  1. Dress code: All students are required to be in a complete PE uniform on designated PE days. This consists of the red SMMS PE t-shirt, SMMS PE shorts (Dennis Uniform black or gray sweats may be worn on cold days), and athletic shoes (black, red, gray, or white). Ensuring your child is wearing athletic shoes will go a long way with their comfort level, and will allow them to enjoy the class as much as possible because of proper footwear. Please understand that a student that is not dressed in a SMMS regulation PE uniform will be marked down, and it will adversely affect their overall grade.
  2. Participation: Just as with any other class here at SMMS, participation in PE is required. If your child must be excused from participating in PE, please send a note to the office in the morning or have them hand it directly to me. If a student turns in a note that is signed by their parent (or doctor), they will accompany the rest of their classmates to PE class, but they may sit and work on other school assignments or simply read a book. Please understand that if a student is not able to participate in PE, he/she will also not be able to play during recess, lunch, or after school sports.
  3. Note from a doctor: Please provide a note of explanation from your child’s doctor if your child has a medical condition (such as asthma) that may affect their participation in PE. Another example of when a doctor’s note will be necessary is if your child will be unable to participate in PE for more than three consecutive days due to a medical reason.


  • Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Flag Football
  • Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity Volleyball
  • Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball
  • Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball
  • 3rd thru 8th Grade Cross Country
  • 1st thru 6th Soccer
  • K thru 8th Grade Track & Field

For other information about athletics at St. Margaret Mary School, please contact Mr. Waylynn Senn or Coach Salazar.