Mission Statement

St. Margaret Mary School, as a mission of the parish, provides a quality education within a Catholic, Christian atmosphere through a caring, holistic approach that prepares students for spiritual growth, social responsibility, and academic success.


St. Margaret Mary School’s goal is to enable children, preschool through eighth grade, to live in today’s ever-changing world and prepare them to face the challenges of society. With teachers as facilitators of learning and parents as primary educators of their children, we provide a quality Catholic education with emphasis on growth in all individual and social dimensions…spiritual, moral, intellectual, cultural, emotional, and physical. In a shared, cooperative effort, the students, parents, and staff strive to create the faith community of St. Margaret Mary School.

We believe that through our student-centered learning environment, students will learn to become responsible for their actions, treat others with respect and dignity, attain their academic potential, and accept themselves as children of God.

St. Margaret Mary School students appreciate and celebrate their cultural diversity and recognize the dignity of all members of our school community. We recognize that everyone is created in the image and likeness of God and we strive to teach as Jesus did.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the foundation of our school. He is the unseen, though ever-present, teacher in our classes and the model and inspiration for our staff, students, and parents. Through our student learning expectations, we challenge our students to be faithful Catholics, effective learners, effective communicators, responsible persons, and globally aware citizens.

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