Staff Librarian: Sr. Kathleen Cleary – Gr. K-8

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e-Reader Policy

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Electronic readers will be allowed on campus, for students in grades 4-8, under the following provisions:

  • Only electronic readers such as Kindle or Nook, without Internet access(such as 3G/4G etc.), will be allowed. No I-Pads, or other tablets such as I-Pads will be allowed.
  • St. Margaret Mary School is indemnified from any liability or responsibility due to loss, damage, or theft.
  • The e- reader may be used for supplemental reading only. Not to be used for required reading in class. Not to be taken to the playground.
  • The e-reader may be used during independent reading time in the classroom only.
  • The e-reader MAY NOT be connected to wi-fi. No earphones will be allowed.
  • Students may not use them for games, music, connecting to the Internet, or movies.
  • The e-reader must be fully charged, at home, by the student.
  • The e-reader must be taken home every evening.
  • For extended care, the e-reader may be used only in the extended care room for reading.

Library Policies

  • Books are due on FRIDAYS for the K, 1st, and 2nd graders.
  • Please do not check out books if you are moving or going on vacation.
  • You MUST have your book with you to renew it.
  • All late books need to be returned to the Office if the Library is closed. This means, no fair giving them to Sister after school.
  • If you are absent on Library day, return the books as soon as you return to school or fines will be charged.
  • If you lose or damage a book, there will be a minimum charge of $15.00 plus the late fee.
  • Some books are worth $50.00.
  • Fines and/or books must be returned before you receive a report card or check out any new books.
  • LATE FINES ARE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS (.25) DAILY. This will include weekends, holidays and vacation.

Library Rules

  • Read, READ, read, and READ some more
  • Listening is a positive. Whispering is a necessity when permitted.
  • RESPECT is needed for Self, Others, and Property. We follow the school and classroom rules. Chairs are to be left in place. To leave the Library, a pass is required.
  • REWARDS: Game times, Treasure box; Catch’em being good tickets; Lots of learning, and Happy Teacher!!!!!
  • CONSEQUENCES: Warning; Time out; Detention; Poor learning skills; Bad day at the Office

11 Things Everyone Should Know About Caring for Library Books

  1. A bookmark is the best way to mark your place.
  2. Never lay books face down or fold the corners of pages.
  3. Keep books safely away from pets and young children.
  4. Protect books from getting wet in the rain.
  5. Avoid eating and drinking wile you read so food and drinks dont dammage your book.
  6. Wash your hands before reading to keep the pages clean.
  7. Never write or draw on the pages of a book.
  8. Use the top corner of pages to turn carefully.
  9. If you accidentally tear a page, ask a librarian to fix it, they are trained to do it right.
  10. Don’t lend your library books to others-you might not get them back.
  11. Never, Never leave your books out of your backpack!!

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