New Student Enrollment (Preschool)
Please contact school office for enrollment information.

New Student Enrollment (JK – 7th Grade) 
Enrollment is now closed.

Steps to Complete Registration for Currently Enrolled Preschool – 8th Grade Families: 

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using the Family Login (the student interface will not work)
  3. Click on the Re-enroll Tab
  4. Follow the prompts
    • Make sure to enter all information in the provided cells.
  5.  Print and complete all documents applicable to your child
    • Those students requiring a dental or health examination may still register, but must have it completed by May 1.
  6. Submit online registration
  7. Bring completed forms and necessary documentation to the office to complete registration.
  8. The complete registration process must be completed on or before 4pm, March 31, 2017.
    • Please allow 15 to 20 minutes when submitting your documentation for completion of the registration process.
  9. Registration is complete only when all applicable fees are paid and required documentation is submitted and cleared by an office official.

Steps to Register Additional Children Currently Enrolled:

  1.  Click on the “Now Viewing” box at the top right of the Re-Enroll page
  2.  Click on the next child to be registered
  3.  Click on the Re-Enroll Tab and follow steps 1- 9 above.

 Steps to Register a Child Who is not Currently Enrolled at SMMS:

  1. Click on the “Have a new student to enroll?” at the top of the Re-Enroll page
  2. Click on the Create Account Tab
  3. Add an email address and password and click register
  4. You must confirm your account before moving forward.
  5. Once confirmed follow the prompts to register each additional child
  6. Complete steps 6-9 above.

Steps to Complete Preschool Registration:

  1. Print, Complete, and sign the required preschool registration forms.
  2. Bring completed registration forms with all necessary documentation to the office.
  3. Pay all applicable fees
  4. Submit a voided check

Preschool Tuition Schedule

Preschool Tuition Schedule 2018-19

Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade Tuition Schedule

Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade Tuition Schedule 2018-19